Frequently Asked Questions

Where exactly is Race Street Range?

Our planned facility is on - wait for it - Race Street in Upland, PA, accessible to both I-95 and I-476, and about 15-20 minutes from Philadelphia International Airport.

When will Race Street Range open? When can I join?

We anticipate starting construction in 2017. Want to stay up to date? Sign up for our mailing list on the front page

Actually, what hours will Race Street Range be open?

At first, we expect to run limited hours but including evenings and weekends. We hope to expand our hours, though, so you can come by when it's convenient for you! Please note that there will be occasional range closures for public and private events such as matches and training classes, but we expect to be able to have at least one range available to the membership at all times Race Street Range is open.

How much will it cost to shoot at Race Street Range?

Charter individual memberships are now available for $350 for the first year - use this form to apply so that you're ready to go as soon as we're ready to open. We also have corporate memberships available - go here for more details. Members are responsible for bringing their own firearms, ammo, targets, and other gear, though we will have some target stands and props available along with limited loaner eye and ear protection.

We are also asking all members to contribute to the range by helping with facility maintenance. One way membership fees will be kept reasonable is by members participating in policing brass, taking out trash, and performing limited range repairs. 

What ammo limitations will you have? What's the biggest caliber I can shoot?

Generally speaking, the ranges will support calibers up to .308 with a maximum muzzle velocity of 3300 fps - in other words, up to about 500 power factor, calculated by multiplying bullet weight in grains by muzzle velocity, and dividing by 1000. In addition, we will require centerfire rounds to be jacketed, plated, or coated to maintain air quality. No ammunition may be aluminum-cased or magnetic in any fashion (core, jacket, or case) except shotgun shells where permitted. 

If you're wondering whether your particular firearm or ammunition will be permitted and the guidelines aren't clear, please do ask first.

What are the "minimum competency requirements"?

Member access to the ranges will require passing a handgun-based live fire qualification that will test your ability to draw from holster, accurately shoot a target from various distances, and your general safety habits. It's based on a standard law enforcement qualification course of fire. And yes, we will be monitoring for continued ability to meet these standards. It's an important part of your safety and ours.

Can shooters draw from holster? Shoot on the move? Shoot prone or kneeling? Use props? Will rapid fire or automatic fire be permitted?

Yup. Just make sure all rounds end up in the backstops. If they don't, consequences may include losing qualification status, losing membership without refund, being charged fines/repair costs, and general mockery. 

Will there be a retail store or "pro shop"?

There are no plans at this time for any on-site retail store or pro shop. We're happy to recommend local shops for your needs instead.

Will there be a limit on the number of members who can join Race Street Range?

Yes. We will be capping total memberships in order to ensure reasonable range access and availability.

Will Race Street Range offer classes, matches, or other activities?

After the ranges are open, we will be hosting our own classes, as well as working with a variety of guest instructors to bring their programs to our facilities. While many of the programs will be shooting-oriented, as you might expect, we will also have classes that anyone interested in personal safety can benefit from, even if guns aren't your thing. As for matches and other activities - again, we will focus on this after our grand opening.

I have other questions. How can I get them answered?

Stop by our Facebook page or get in touch through our website, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.