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Technical Handgun: Tests and Standards - John Johnston

Race Street Range welcomes John Johnston of Citizens Defense Research for a new one-day class - Technical Handgun: Tests and Standards, which will be held at New Holland Rifle & Pistol Club in Gap, PA

This class is fast paced intermediate/advanced level 8-hour class where we will dive into the weeds on defensive shooting standards, and the technical skills it takes to be successful performing them. Heavy emphasis will be placed on pushing people to new levels of automaticity. Multiple tests will be shot for recorded score, and the class's top shot will receive a “Major Award”.

Shooters will be expected to already be proficient with their chosen handgun and carry method at the beginning of class.

Topics will include but are not limited to:

  • Increasing presentation speed
  • Decreasing reaction time to visual stimuli
  • Maintaining accuracy while shooting as quickly as possible
  • Recoil management
  • External pressure disassociation (Performance Jitters)
  • And More!

Cost is $200, expect to shoot 600-1,000 rounds. 

Register by emailing info (at) your name, address, and phone number, with subject line "Technical Handgun", to hold your spot in line and receive payment instructions.

Note: date and time are set.